What to Expect When You Attend a Typical Self-Storage Unit Auction in Fall River (or elsewhere)

storage-auctionsStorage auction bidding has become a trendy activity across the country, thanks in large part to the notoriety brought to these events due to popular programming on major cable network television. While storage company auctions have been going on for many years, it was only recently that people outside of the retail, antique and reseller industries were aware of what goes on at a typical storage auction in Fall River. If you are new to storage company auctions or are looking to improve your experience, this article will feature some tips on what to expect and how to maximize your bidding potential.

Getting Started
Make sure to contact the storage company before you drive any distance to attend the auction. An auction can be cancelled if the owner of the self-storage space pays their storage bill, even right on up until the scheduled auction time. A storage auction happens when a storage unit goes delinquent for a specified period of time, according to the contract between the renter and the storage company in question. The auction is intended to sell off the contents of Fall River self-storage units to free the space up for the storage company and as a means for recouping some of the losses experienced by the delinquent rental.

Make sure to wear clothing that will protect you when you are searching the self-storage units, items that you won’t mind if they get dirty or dusty throughout the day. Bidders who win at a storage auction in Fall River will typically have 24 hours to remove all of the contents inside. Bring a truck, trailer and other moving gear with you when you attend the auction, so you’ll be able to move the contents out immediately.

Other things that you should bring include cash for the auction, a high-powered flashlight that will help you to see all the items inside a self-storage unit before bidding begins and handcarts, dollies or any other moving equipment you might need to get the job done. If you are purchasing for a reseller or antique store, consider bringing along a couple of employees to help you load the truck.

Set a Budget
This is perhaps one of the most important tips that can be given to people new to bidding on Fall River self-storage units. Cash is the required means of payment for these auctions, which can be helpful in preventing bidders from over-bidding and spending more than they should.

Having a budget ahead of time, before you even see anything that’s in the storage company auction, will help you to stay on target. It can also help prevent your from getting caught up in a bidding war at prices you are unable to afford. Sometimes bids get out of hand and the winner ultimately finds out that the items inside the unit were not worth what they spent for it because they let themselves get out of control.

Look Carefully
Before the bidding part of the storage company auction begins, the unit will be opened and the attendees will have a few minutes to look and see what’s inside. This is where your high-powered flashlight will come in handy. It’s a good idea to look carefully and try to determine the value of the unit before you start bidding.

Taking notes can be helpful, particularly if there are a lot of units to be bid on the day that you attend a storage auction in Fall River. Make sure to follow the rules of the storage company auction carefully and refrain from attempting to handle, search through or otherwise touch any of the objects located inside the self-storage unit.

Many of the items in the storage unit will not be visible, particularly if the self-storage space is very full. Attempting to touch or push aside items can be considered trespassing, so make sure you are careful and pay attention to the rules.

Typical Storage Items
When renters put items inside Fall River self-storage units, they are storing things that are important to them in one way or another. Some things have sentimental value, while others actually have some financial value. Collectibles, antiques, tools, jewelry, money, electronics, clothing, furniture and other collectibles are frequently found by bidders.

While a flashlight and a good eye will help, remember that you won’t be able to see everything inside the unit. You might catch a glimpse of something, a corner of a desk or the top of a computer, but in most cases you’ll have to wait until you win the storage auction bidding to see what’s inside.

Storage Auctions in Fall River
Once the auction is over, the self-storage unit goes to the highest bidder. The winner has anywhere between 24-72 hours to remove all of the contents out of the unit. The storage unit must also be cleaned, cleared and swept of all trash, dirt, dust and rubbish. The rules with details on what is expected from winning bidders and attendees is usually gone over on the day of the event so there are no misunderstandings.

Affordable Storage in Fall River featured a storage company auction for the people of Southeastern Massachusetts. On April 13, 2013, the public was open with free admission to local residents and business owners. Attendees were invited to join in on the storage auction bidding or to just watch the bidding wars in action. To find out more about upcoming storage auctions in Fall River, contact Affordable Storage direct at 508-675-1177.