What You Need to Know About Fall River Storage Unit Auctions

storage-auctionsMore people are becoming aware of the value that can be found in attending local storage unit auctions, making it even more important to provide solid information for potential auction goers that will help them to navigate these events both before and after they make a bid. Knowing what is expected from you, the rules of storage unit auctions and where to go to find auctions of local Fall River storage units can help you to have a more successful experience. The storage auction tips provided in this article are general and generic, meaning that you will want to speak with someone at your local self-storage facility about any rules that they have put in place for their local storage unit auctions just in case anything is different from the basic, general rules provided here.

Before You Go to the Auction

Before you even visit your local self-storage facility to attend storage unit auctions, you need to be prepared. It can be very helpful to do some research ahead of time. Many experienced auction participants suggest attending an auction or two in person before making your first bid so you can become comfortable with the process. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and give you a better feel for what the local Fall River storage units require during an auction.

Another thing that you should do before you participate in storage unit auctions is to become familiar with values of items that are commonly found in an abandoned self-storage facility. While pinpointing the value of unique antiques can be difficult without years of knowledge and experience, knowing how much common items would be able to be sold for can help you to determine the value of the unit before you make a bid. Checking websites like eBay or other auction sites that show completed sales, not asking prices, will give you a solid idea of what people are willing to pay for certain items.

What Should You Bring to an Auction?

Find out about payment options and removal rules before you bid on Fall River storage units to make sure you are prepared. Most auctions require bidders to pay for their winnings in cash, however there are some that will take credit cards or bank cards for payment. You will also want to find out how much time you have to move the items out of the self-storage facility. Most auctions give 24 hours time, so you will want to come prepared with a moving truck or trailer if you plan on making a bid on a unit. The best storage auction tips involve preparation prior to attending the auction itself.

In addition to cash and a moving truck, there are two things that every bidder should bring to storage unit auctions: a flashlight and a padlock. When the lock gets cut off the unit, the items inside are no longer secured. You will want to have padlocks on hand to place on the Fall River storage units that you win in the auction until you can come back with your moving truck to empty the contents. A flashlight is helpful for previewing units in dark corridors or for peeking into stuffed units. You will also need the flashlight when you remove the items from the self-storage facility, especially if no interior lighting is provided or you move the items at night.

Be Aware of the Myths

When people watch reality TV, they tend to get an idea about how things are that isn’t entirely accurate. The same holds true with storage unit auctions. Shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters have helped to spark interest in auctions at Fall River storage units, but they also can give potential bidders the wrong impression about how storage unit auctions work or what type of units are worth the most based on a first look. One of these myths is that older lockers have the best stuff. While some may have antiques or valuable items, the fact that they have been sitting for a long time doesn’t give them any more value over other units at the self-storage facility.

Another myth is that the self-storage facility itself makes a lot of money putting on storage unit auctions. The truth is that they are just trying to get the stuff cleared out and maybe recoup some of the money that is owed to them from the delinquent renter. Once the rental fees are covered, the remaining funds are sometimes returned to the tenant to claim for a certain period of time after the sale has occurred. Each self-storage facility is different though, however none is getting rich off of storage unit auctions.

Some bidders believe that neat and clean storage units have better stuff than dirty units. The truth is, sometimes the best stuff is found in a dusty unit and sometimes the most worthless junk is found in the cleanest unit. Each unit should be viewed as an individual with no preconceived notions about it other than what you are able to see when you preview the unit prior to the start of storage unit auctions.

Local Self-Storage Facility Storage Unit Auctions in Fall River

Affordable Storage in Fall River has held storage unit auctions in the past. Contact this self-storage facility to find out if they will be holding storage unit auctions in the future and find out if they have any storage auction tips or rules that you need to know about ahead of time. Your local Fall River storage units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing storage space to local residents and businesses on a monthly basis. Give Affordable Storage in Fall River a call to find out more about any storage unit auctions to be held in the future right here in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.