What You Should & Shouldn’t Keep in a Self Storage Facility

storage-no-nosThere are a lot of things that you can keep in your Fall River storage facility. Storage units are used nationwide by families, college students, businesses and individuals to protect their belongings until they are needed again. Storage in Fall River, MA can be a huge blessing in the midst of a move or a great way to make room at your home for a new baby, a guest or for a party.

Using a self storage facility is kind of like adding on an extra garage or storage area to your home that is safe and protected. It provides you with all the room you need to sore your things, plus gives you access to moving truck rentals, extra secure locks and anything else you might need to make your experience even more beneficial.

However, there are some things that should never be stored inside of a storage unit. Those are the things that we are going to focus on in this article. Affordable Storage Fall River, MA has a wide variety of storage units available. We also offer storage space for RVs, boats, automobiles, recreational vehicles and much more. Give us a call or stop by our convenient location on Lawton Street to find out more about our self storage facility.

The Biggest No-No’s of Self Storage
As a general rule, anything that would be considered dangerous should not be put into your Fall River storage facility unit. This protects not just you and your other belongings that are stored there from damage, but also all of the other customers who use the facility. When you sign the agreement to rent your space at Affordable Storage, you will agree to a list of set terms and conditions, including what items are NOT allowed for storage at our facility. Some of the items are what you might consider to be “common sense”, while others may be surprising. It is important for you to read the list and understand the reasons why the items are not allowed to prevent any accidents, damage or problems in the future.

TIRES – While not inherently dangerous, many self storage facility rules limit the number of tires to be stored inside of a unit to four maximum. Some do not allow them to be stored at all. While tires can quickly become home to a variety of bugs and rodents, other reasons to keep them out include the cost to dispose of them properly. What Fall River storage facility would want to be on the hook to pay for the proper disposal of a unit stacked from floor to ceiling with tires?

VEHICLES – Affordable Storage Fall River, MA allows vehicles, RVs, ATVs and other recreational vehicles to be stored on the premises. However, it is important to follow the rules for this type of storage as well. All vehicles must be insured and currently registered. They must also be in operational condition. Speak with an on-site manager for more information about safe storage policies for vehicles at Affordable Storage.

FUEL/CHEMICALS – Any materials that are dangerous, such as propane tanks, paint, toxic waste, compressed gas, motor oil, corrosives, chemicals, fertilizer, hazardous waste, kerosene, gasoline, etc. cannot ever be stored inside of a self storage facility unit. There are also rules against moving such items in moving truck rentals. Make sure to ask lots of questions about proper transportation and storage of such materials.

FOOD – Food items that are perishable cannot be stored inside of your Fall River storage facility. This is for the protection of the self storage facility against bugs and infestations, but also for the people who would be consuming food stored inside of a storage unit. Cereals, produce and meats are among the foods that should never be kept in a storage unit. Ask about storing canned goods and other longevity products to ensure the safety of the food items themselves after prolonged storage.

PET FOOD – As with food designed for human consumption, food for pets should also not be stored inside of your Fall River storage facility unit. The same reasons apply. Canned food may become spoiled due to temperature fluctuations and dry foods or other perishable food items may become infested or bring an infestation into the unit. It is for the protection of you, your belongings and the other people using the storage facility that you do not store pet food in your storage unit.

ORGANIC ITEMS – No plants, animals or other organic items can be stored inside of your self storage facility unit. This includes things that are still living – or dead. No “stuffed” animal trophies or scientific samples should be stored inside the storage. If you aren’t sure, check with the on-site manager to find out. Remember these rules are here to protect you and your neighbors.

Where to Get Storage in Fall River, MA
The best secure self storage facility in the South Coast region is Affordable Storage Fall River. Give us a call at 508-675-1177 to find out about our Fall River storage facility or to inquire about moving truck rentals for your next move. We have an on-site manager, 24-hour security surveillance, automatic gated entry and we operate a very clean and well maintained facility. Call Affordable Storage Fall River for all of your storage and moving needs!